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Aaron asked in Entertainment & MusicRadio · 2 months ago

How to keep my Motorola radio from changing stations?

I do work that requires me and my coworkers to have strong and reliable radio communications. I use the Motorola XPR 6550 as my primary radio. It serves me extremely well with the exception of one thing. Whenever I sit in my car, the radio sometimes changes channels without my knowing. For example, we use channel one for our operations, but when I sit in the car, sometimes the radio station nob rotates to channel 2 or 3 causing me to lose comms with my coworkers. This has happened several times and is highly frustrating. I have tried changing the position my radio is on my belt but I still have the same issue. I prefer to have the radio on my duty belt to the 8 o'clock position between my Taser and Handcuffs as that is the spot I am most comfortable with but I run into the issue of my radio sometimes changing stations without my knowledge. Simply put I am asking for advice on how I can eliminate this problem? Do I need to change radios or is there some kind of device or fixture I can apply to the radio to lock the channel knob in place. Thank you!

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