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Cpu upgrade on dv4 2165dx what cpu is compatible?

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    2 months ago
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    If that is a LAPTOP or NOTEBOOK computer


    almost certainly

    you can NOT upgrade the CPU.

    In most laptops and notebooks

    the CPU is "soldered in"

    that is: it's "permanently" attached to the motherboard

    and it can't be removed or replaced.

    note here

    there is no mention of any provision for alternate CPUs

    Back in "the good old days"

    they used to sell a "PC on an expansion board"

    that would allow you to upgrade a PC CPU processing power

    while keeping all of the same hardware that you already had in your PC.

    However: that was back when the typical IBM-brand PC/XT/AT cost thousands of dollars

    - I mean: $5,000 to $10,000 198? dollars

    and so did peripherals included in the PC

    and I don't think they make those any more

    and if they did you'd probably be disappointed in the performance.

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