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Why is it so painful when everyone else can get pregnant but you?

My ex boyfriend and I were doing through fertility treatments (the beginning stages before we broke up). It feels like everyone else is pregnant but me. My 24 year old cousin is pregnant and my boss's wife is pregnant. I'm 41 and the ex boyfriend is 39. Why does it hurt when other women are pregnant except me??

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago
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    The obvious reason is because you also want a baby and it hasn't happened for you.

    Also (and sorry), considering your age, it probably increases that hurt because your window is closing.  Basic biology says you only have a few more years and you are in the declining years for fertility.  I'm not trying to be mean here - just stating obvious facts.  And if you are currently not in a relationship, the window of time is only getting smaller while you look for a new potential father for the baby you would like.

    You might want to consider adoption or becoming a foster parent.  

    You might want to consider being a single parent and using sperm donor options.  You could discuss your options with your fertility specialist.  

    Good luck.  I hope you get your wish before you run out of biological time.  

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