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Will I hear back from the casting director? Or should I move on?

I sent in an email to apply to audition, I'm new to the industry and the CD stated that they will get back to people ASAP if they want people. Now this was an open casting call with a massive fanbase, the post they made about the call got 20k likes so assuming half of those people applied is there a chance they just haven't read my email yet? It's been a week since I sent it and I kind of assumed that it just meant no after around four days. People keep telling me to wait and see but I don't want to build false hope.

This application didn't require us to send a reel (strangely) just a headshot and paragraph about ourselves. It is a professional production so its around 300 words (unless some people wrote more) They stated that they will not reply to anyone they want because they were receiving so many applications. They're not looking for prior acting experience (although I do have some - and yes I forgot to state it because I didn't want to make the email too long)

Do you think I should keep my fingers crossed or move on?


I tried to calculate it mathematically by assuming if one 300 word email takes a minute to read, x10,000 (assumed) is around 166 hours worth of email reading and assuming they don't read the emails 24/7 it should take them around 12-13 days to read them all.

this is assuming my email was not unluckily first and they had not already read 5k by the time I had applied.

I am not a fool and would not like to get my hopes up as people are telling me to if its been too long. thanks for any help

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  • Cogito
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    2 months ago
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    This sort of call is mainly done for publicity and if they're looking for anyone at all, it will almost certainly be only for extras.

    The company will not read every email they get.  They'll have a load of secretaries glance at the photos on the applications and they'll pick out anyone who looks suitable and very briefly look at the emails.  

    Once they have a certain number in their 'possibles' pile, the rest will just get shredded or deleted.

    But generally, if any actor doesn't hear back from an application in a few weeks, the answer is 'No'.    Always keep moving on - no actor can afford to put their life on hold just in case.  99 times out of 100 it's going to be a no-go.  Sorry!

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