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Where could i get a rain coat like the ones as seen on MLF??

i got a bit of a problem. since im 27 now but for the last 25 years i have been fishing the problem is i hate getting wet when im dressed because to me if im getitng dressed im going to the freaking mall. if im gonna get wet ima gonna wear pool attire so i really can only fish when the sun is out and its not raining. so i decided that i would probably spend more time outside fishing if i had a rain coat that could 1 thing ((((((((( KEEP ME AND DRY ))))))) FROM THE RAIN. so i have been searching and noticed that amazon has some for  $22 kohls has a rain coat for $30. what i want to know is where could i get a rain coat that 1. ((((((((((((( KEEPS ME DRY AND WARM FROM THE RAIN )))))))))))))) AND 2. FOR REASONABLE PRICE??? so i can spend more time fishing and less time in the house waiting for the rain to pass

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago
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    Lots of raincoats and jackets are water resistant rather than waterproof. For extended time in the rain, it makes a difference.

    You can find waterproof rainwear at sporting goods and outdoors stores like Dick's, Cabella's, L.L. Bean, and Eddie Bauer. It's going to cost you a lot more than the numbers you're tossing out. Last time I bought one, it was almost $100--but it kept me 100% dry in rainy Alaska.

  • 2 months ago

    Just about every professional athlete is paid sponsorship money to wear particular apparel or use particular equipment.

    I suggest checking the league or individual's websites to see their list of sponsors.  Some might even name the particular style, but you should at least get the names of the makers.  From there, just go to their sites and search for things like "outer wear" and "rain gear."

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