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Anonymous asked in PetsCats · 2 months ago

Cat won't stop itching.?

I have a cat who won't stop scratching and itching herself and it drives me insane. She mostly scratches at her face and neck. She doesn't have fleas, and I have taken her to the vet to check that as well and have a Seresto collar on her. She is also severely allergic to fleas so based on the one time she did have fleas, I can tell when she has them because she pulls her hair out and is covered in scabs. Now she just scratches all the time. She does occasionally make herself bleed, but I think that is more of a her nails needing to be trimmed issue and that is my fault. The vet gave me fish oil supplements that I put her food every morning and that hasn't helped (it's been about two weeks). I am trying Zyrtec because the vet said it could be allergies. She does have dandruff so it could be dry skin, but I am unsure what to do about that. I am going to switch her food to something more natural and for sensitive skin, but I am worried she will hate it. Anyone have any advice?


To clarify: the Seresto collar was recommended by my vet because it is supposed to kill fleas on contact versus when they bite. This helps my cat because she is allergic to fleas so getting bit by them triggers her allergic reaction. She was on a normal topical flea medicine before (given by the vet) and still got fleas and had a severe allergic reaction, so my vet recommended the Seresto collar with capstar capsules.

2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    It drives  you insane, can you imagine what it does to your poor cat. Flea collars are never the best way to treat fleas she needs a better flea treatment available from your vet.  Cats like us can have allergic reactions to lots of thing and without know what they are allergic to you can't treat and prevent the reactions.  Has your vet done any allergic test if not worth asking them too.

  • 2 months ago

    my cat did that too..and eventually rashes started to form, but they were actually side effects of eating too much grain (dry cat food)

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