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Anonymous asked in HealthDental · 2 months ago

Should I go back to the oral surgery department?

on February 5th I got my wisdom teeth removed. On the second day of surgery I was flossing my teeth and pulled at the sutures by accident because I thought it was a piece of food that was in the soup I had that night. While pulling on the sutures there was a piece of something else sticking out my gums. I also thought this was a piece of food from the soup but it was hard so it couldn't have been food because the chunks of meat in the soup I had was soft not hard. so now at that point, my sutures were hanging by the side of my back tooth along the gums and i had a piece of hard material sticking out (I think it was a bone, but I'm honestly not sure exactly what it was.) Since this all took place at night, I was too tired and in a lot of pain so I took my medicine and went to sleep. So now the third morning post surgery I wake up and my back tooth has shifted to the side. I didn't call the clinic/hospital about it, I just kept taking the pain medicine until my post op appointment. My cheek swelling as remained the same since my post op appointment and my inner cheek is feeling hard. The doctor that checked the crooked tooth only touched it and said everything should heal up. Anyway today is February 24th and my cheek still feels hard on the inside and my tooth is still crooked and it bleeds when I floss it. I'm not sure if I was botched; if I should go back; if this is all part of the healing process. What advice can you give me?


For those people who don't like to read: In short my back tooth is crooked the second day post surgery after getting my wisdom tooth removed and is still crooked till this day.

2 Answers

  • 2 months ago

    Call the clinic ASAP.  There may be nothing they can do for your tooth, but you need to be checked for infection and other issues. 

    You've waited a really long time and apparently didn't get, look up, or follow any normal post-ops protocol.  You aren't supposed to floss after surgery.  You should have called the clinic immediately after you screwed up.  

  • 2 months ago

    No, it's not part of the healing process is and today is 19 days later.

    What kind of F-up ed clinic do you go to that didn't have you come in TWICE during this time for a check up?

    There is no way that your tooth moved because it's connected to your jaw bone which wouldn't have moved...  it was probably always crooked but you didn't notice.

    But you still should have it all checked out.

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