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? asked in TravelUnited StatesOrlando · 2 months ago

Free MULTI LEVEL parking garages in Orlando.?


Recently my friends have gotten into skating and we’re looking for places to skate. I’ve been skating almost 15 years and I was talking to them about how going downhills is the best and relaxing, but that was up north where I could ride for MILES without having to push. Sadly FL has no parks that have hills because this state is FLAT. I told them our best bet is a parking garage because we could park our car, take the elevator/stairs to the top, and just ride the ramps down and repeat ^-^ I’ve been in FL for 10+ years and I only know of a few garages. There are:-The AMC/Altamonte Mall Garage but that’s JUST a bit too far.

-Downtown Disney, but their security would kick us out or arrest us in an instant.

-LOTS of garages in downtown Orlando but those you'd have to pay for. (I can park somewhere free and walk)

-Orlando Eye Garage is good. No security, but its always super BUSY. We’d probably only be able to use the top 2/3 floors.

We’re most likely going to use the Orlando eye because I’ve never had issues there, but are there any I’m missing/can’t think of? Or do you know of a good place to get the feeling of “downhill” riding?

Thank you (:

1 Answer

  • Cogito
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    This is a really bad idea.  You'd be risking your life the entire time, as well as risking terrifying drivers and damaging vehicles.  You could also just get really badly injured and permanently disabled.

    You and your friends would be arrested really quickly - and rightly so.  It's an idiotic idea.

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