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I need help with the Spanish work below?

2 - ¿Por qué? 

Completa el mensaje con la forma apropiada del pretérito perfecto del indicativo o del subjuntivo de los verbos entre paréntesis.

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    2 months ago

    1 Hi friend... I'm just a native speaker... not a spanish teacher nor anything like that...I don't know whether my answers are 'grammatically correct" but I know they make sense..

    I noticed that you tried answering some of the blanks....and it seems that you aren't familiar with the tenses " pretérito perfecto del indicativo"  and " preterito perfecto del subjuctivo".. This is a type of conjugation which requires the verb "haber".... this would be equivalent to using the verb "have" as an auxiliar verb in the english language such as "We have  been working" ... in spanish the translation would be "hemos estado trabajando" ( here "hemos" is the conjugated form of the verb "haber" )

    1 han trabajado

    2 hayan sentido

    3 se hayan enojado

    4 se hayan puesto

    5 se han alegrado

    6 haya llegado

    7 hayan estado

    8 haya juzgado

    9 haya sido

    If any of my answers are market as "incorrect" just let me know and I provide you with another alternative. 

    God bless you

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