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Anonymous asked in Education & ReferenceSpecial Education · 2 months ago

Poll: How can vocal Rehabilitation Services ?

Help a 28 year old with autism who is both in school for behavior analysis certification and law school?  Is it fair to set them up with just any job, even as a cashier?


I meant vocational not vocal Rehabilitation services

Update 2:

My Bachelor's is a dual major Bachelor of Arts degree in both art and psychological science.  My master's degree is a Master of Arts in General Psychology.

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    They did something like that to a friend of mine.  She has an AA degree and was 1 class short of a BA degree, and they got her a job in McDonalds.

    I would think all they could do to help achieve the goal of working in law/behavior analysis is provide assistance with resume writing/interview skills or other general job search skills if needed.

    if you expect them to help you find a related job in those fields, it's not going to happen.  Your skills are far more advanced than theirs.

    They only know how to get people into jobs that at best require a high school diploma or help with college related issues.  They may have some guidance on bachelor's level jobs.

    But, their goal is not to get people into good jobs, it's to get people into ANY job.

    since you are already in law school, what degrees do you have at the bachelor's/master's level?

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