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Account username?

Hello! I have a question. Can you change my email address? I can not do that. I ask you, because I am in a legal process of changing my name and I would not like to delete my account to make another one with the new name in my email address and lose all the messages and contacts I have. I am waiting for an answer. Thank you in advance!

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    2 months ago

    When you post here, you are asking questions to other users like yourself. No one from Yahoo/Verizon responds to questions here. You CANNOT change your email address, sorry. You will have to create a new one. However, you can link your current email account to a new email account you create (or vice versa) so they share the same contacts, inbox, saved messages, etc. 


    The instructions below tell you how to link a 3rd party email address to your Yahoo Mail account, but the instructions are the same for adding another Yahoo Mail account to your current account.

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    2 months ago

    Change your sending name in Yahoo Mail =

    Or open an additional account and gradually migrate. account. 

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