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Anonymous asked in SportsBasketball · 2 months ago

What if someone says "NBA are built by white kings" will it be racist?

Kyrie Irving suggested to change the NBA logo to Kobe because he said that the NBA is built on black kings.. though controversial, it's taken lightly. If we change it to white king, will it cause an uproar even if basketball is invented by a white man?

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  • Nick
    Lv 5
    2 months ago
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    That doesn't bother me. 2 things bother me about this. 1. Kobe is a rapist. 2. Silhouettes don't have race. I know it is based on the silhouette of Jerry West, but it is not like it is meant to honor West, that just happens to be who the artist used as a reference. But if you change it specifically for racial reasons it loses that post-racial quality.

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