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How to get my files back onto my MacBook? ?

I have a MacBook that I’ve had for years now, I have TONS of important files on there and photos and memories (some that are only on the laptop and no where else). Long story short here, someone tried to steal it from me and I got it back. 

Well when I got it back and turned it on, I noticed they factory reset it ): 

There’s gotta be a way I can get my files back right? Because of hard drive? 

Well if that is correct... can I use my computer until I take it somewhere to someone to get my files back? (I have no used it at all since I got it back and saw it was reset). BUT I really need my laptop for work now.. so the questions are...

Am I able to get my files and everything else that was once on the laptop back onto laptop? 

&If yes, can I use my laptop until I’m able to pay for it to be restored or do I need to wait until it’s restored to start using it again? 

It’s a MacBook Pro that I got in 2010

3 Answers

  • BigE
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    A pro would image the disk immediately.  (make a file that is a direct block copy of the disk).   The more you mess around, the worse it gets.  The data is there, it is just unconnected and that is what the recovery programs do.  In fact, they probably would not even boot it.

    Replacing a drive is not as expensive as the laptop.  You could take it to a Mac approved store, have them replace the drive and keep the old drive.  Then a data restorer could read the drive directly.  At least then you could use your laptop.

  • 2 months ago

    do NOT use the computer.  take it pronto to someone who can use other software to try and recover the files.  pronto ==> immediately!  the more you use it, the more files will be permanently lost

  • i + i
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    Typically, the files are still there to be recovered, 

    but EVERY TIME you (and the thieves) use the 

    laptop since reset, more and more of the deleted 

    files get overwritten. So if you want to maximize 

    how much is recovered you very very VERY 

    much need to keep the machine off until you 

    can do the recovery. 

    By the way (it used to be true way back when I 

    was a Mac user and Apple fanboi) there are free 

    recovery programs out there -- you might want to 

    try that avenue first rather than waiting until you 

    can scrape together enough for a paid service.

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