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Anonymous asked in Social SciencePsychology · 1 month ago

Teased for “sounding white” I adopted the speech of my peers in school. Now I can’t genuinely “speak” either. How might I overcome this?

I gave up a piece of myself by doing this. Now I just want to speak with confidence and I feel like a fraud the majority of the time. I need to beat this. It hurts me mentally and probably professionally. Please, please help. Speech lessons are on the table but in the meantime I really would appreciate some advice. Especially from people who can relate. This is a disaster years in the making and at this point I’m more embarrassed at my choice and the consequences of confusion than much else. Please, please help.


Thank you for your advice and input. I want to stress that it’s not just white people. I say School “peers” because this was during a time when I went to a mainly af-American school. Very young and impressionable. Now my speech is littered with confusion and lack of confidence about my identity in either direction, being from a multi-racial family as well. Speech specifically I picked up outside of my home. I know the solution is in my hands. Your advice is again appreciated. 

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  • 1 month ago
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    We all have this same thing.  Different parts of the U.S. have different slang or twang or accent.  You can tell if someone is from New York or if someone is from Texas.  It is only natural for you to pick up the same things that are said from the people around you.

    You don't need to change, it just reflects where you are from.  If you were to move to some place else, you would pick up that accent.  Don't worry about it be who you are.

  • 1 month ago

    Covid and the internet caused this foolish thing.

    If you sound good,leave it alone.

  • 1 month ago

    Suppose a white man in New York City has been introduced to a white man from Birmingham, Alabama. The first thing the New Yorker notices is the southerner's regional accent, and it's likely that the northerner will jump to a conclusion based on the "redneck" stereotype, that the southerner is a "dumb hick." However, if the northerner listens to what the man is saying and hears that he speaks with standard American English grammar and vocabulary and has intelligent ideas, he'll see that he misjudged the man. 

    I must admit, there are northerners who won't deal with this stereotype. These people will assume that all southerners are stupid, regardless of what they say. I have to say that some white people will not deal with their stereotype of blacks, and you probably know that. But intelligent whites - the ones you want to know - will listen to what you say. It's clear from what you write that you're proficient with standard grammar and vocabulary. The only difference is accent. So, it seems to me that your fear of failure because of the way you speak is exaggerated.

    Again, the people you want to know and get along with are intelligent people. They will help you to be successful. Don't worry about the stupid whites. You don't need them.

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