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Can anybody answer this math problem for me?

The profit that the vendor makes per day by selling x pretzels is given by the function P(x)= -4x^2+2,400x-350 Find the number of pretzels that must be sold to maximize profit.

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1 Answer

  • rotchm
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    Notice that this is a downwards parabola (why?). Hence, it has a max, which is its vertex.

    What's the formula you saw for the vertex of a parabola?

    Or, recall that the vertex occurs midway between the roots;

    so what are the roots of this parabola? Thus the x_vertex is? Thus the y_vertex is?

    Type the function into google, say, to see the graph of your P(x). 


    Hopefully no one will spoil you the answer. That would be very irresponsible of them. 

    You should not try to cheat on your test nor cheating yourself. Take your time and work out the problem. 

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