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Anonymous asked in HealthGeneral Health CareInjuries · 1 month ago

What possible injury could I have with my kee? I have sharp pain when jogging and squatting  and lifting knee. No pain walking?

I  also have a bakers cyst in the back of the knee that slightly  hurts. I feel a pooping at times in my knee. I can do a quad stretch , really any stretch with very very minimal  pain. I remember it was always achy when running or sprinting or do leg workouts. I was a 400 meter sprinter and 100 meter sprinter. I was a very good athlete. I cant fathom the idea not ever lifting weights or even sprinting again let alone simple jogging.  I got an x ray showed no arthritis  or any problems. I see an orthopedic  monday. I hope it's nothing. The doctor told me the cyst could be causing the knee  Pain. Then again something had to cause the bakers cyst. I suspect meniscus tear or 3rd degree  or torn acl. I cant fathom the idea laying in the house with old people screaming and yelling and I cant afford to take off work and eating tomato soup. My life could be over. I should have listened to my parents do not go heavy and do sprints  especially  at 45 years old. Also has nothing to do with this they said save money!!

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    what is all this rant about? Simple go see the orthopedist as scheduled and get an MRI to get a diagnosis. I doubt you  have a third degree tear. Your life certainly is not over. A bit dramatic here.

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