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Is it truly odd that I pay rent with a personal check? ?

So I’m 20 years old and live in an apartment complex by my University. The way this apartment is setup is you have five roommates with separate leases per apartment. It’s a pretty nice one and only 3 years old and I like living there a lot! When I first moved in I would pay everything I had to on Resident Portal. Then I started noticing something. To use my checking account, it was charging me a $6 convenience fee per transaction. So I decided to order a $17 box of checks from my bank (four checkbooks) and realized something so obvious. This box of checks would pay for itself in three months and last me a way long time. There is no fee for paying rent by check. Then I started to realize all of the bills I was paying online that were charging me these fees I use to just look past. It turns out I’m in the very minority of 20 year olds who pay rent by check. Well it also turns out that most people in the complex I live in happen to be college students who’s parents pay for their expenses. So bringing it up to my roommates about them saving money was pointless because they don’t even pay their rent ( that also tend to bring a lot of its own problems like asking if they received a random charge on their bill and they have no clue). Anyways, is it odd for a 20 year old to use a checkbook? I also log all of my expenses in a register because I kept forgetting about pending charges and they would come as a surprise. So I started logging them in a register. 

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    2 months ago
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    That's a pretty big fee, I don't get it. 

    I pay a lot of things online. With some transactions, the bank sends an *actual, physical check* to the recipient, but most are electronic transfers. Neither one costs *me* anything. 

    Using a debit card does cost the business / store / recipient a fee which is why many businesses have / had $5 minimums on debit transactions (though I've noticed some local businesses have dropped that requirement so they don't have to handle cash during the pandemic). I can pay my property taxes to the town by debit card, but there is a 3% processing fee. My tax preparer still takes checks, because he doesn't want the hassle of charging the fee or raising his rates to cover it. 

    Years ago, I started to write a check and was told the business didn't take checks, but would accept a debit card. "Checks bounce, debit cards tell you right away if there's a balance in the account," the woman said. In fact, a friend of mine was checking out at the grocery store the other day and discovered the automatic deposit that *should have* gone in that day had not. Embarrassing.

    I write maybe a dozen checks a year.

    Your bank is ripping it's customers off, but you've found a satisfactory work-around. 

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    2 months ago

    No that is not odd

  • 2 months ago

    No 😯 you can t

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    2 months ago

    yes its strange , have you heard of cash or electronic funds transfer , its free and instant , or havent you got the funds to pay on time , seeing it take 1 or 2 weeks to clear a check .

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    I was recently told by this apartment house manager, about  the high cost of processing checks. That if I want to continue to write paper checks, that I would have to pay the processing fee in the future. I don't know now much, that will be.

    So I switched over to 'resident portal'. But they told me that most of there 250 residents pay on-line. And have been for a long time. Only the real old people,who don't have a computer, pay with a paper check.

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    Nicholas -   No, it’s not odd at all.   In fact, it’s very smart.  

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    No, but you spent $17 that you could have saved.  You can get checks for free with some types of accounts.

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    This makes no sense. You need a better chequing account if you are being charged for $6 per transaction. Banks usually don't charge for electronic bill payments. Any sane bank these days would love it if you stopped using cheques and use the various free or inexpensive electronic payment methods they offer so they don't have to go through the hassle of processing your cheques and dealing with potential cheque fraud. As for cheques, they make sense in certain situations where you are dealing with a sizeable sum of money and don't want to fetch an envelop full of bills. However, electronic payment methods from credit cards to debit payments that allow you to transfer money peer to peer are slowly becoming the norm rather than the exception. I hardly ever write a cheque. 

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    I pay my rent and utilities online, through my bank account, with the exception of my phone/Internet/cable bill, which I pay with a credit card (Note: I do NOT pre authorise payments, I do them manually each month), and NONE of those payments include any service charges or fees.

    I haven't written a paper check since the mid 1990s.

  • Sandy
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    2 months ago

    Many people your age might think paying with a check is old fashioned, and some have probably never written one. You're frugal and have found a way to save money, so that's great, in my opinion. 

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