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How can I make my Halloween costume more fun?

2 Answers

  • T-half
    Lv 6
    3 weeks ago

    Googly-eyes, glow sticks, and glitter glue will help.  

    If you dress like a dalmatian, see PJ link.  attach googly eyes on the black spots.  Then use black (or any color) glitter glue to outline all the spots.

    If you want to be a space alien, wear regular clothes, then (clear) tape glow sticks to your clothes and wrap bubble wrap around. 

    If you go as a game table, put the fuzzy part on your back in a square.  Then the hook part you glue on the game pieces. You can have a simple tic-tack-toe on your back or a more complicated game of backgammon. 

    You can take yarn and make dozens of tiny pom-pom balls for gumballs (or buy them) and be a gumball machine.  Get a clear liner, place it upside down on your body.  Make holes for your head and arms. Fill it with all the pop-poms (or tiny balloons).

    It would be cool if you could attach an actual gumball machine to your waist. Then people can pay a quarter for an actual gumball. 

    If you're a zombie or a drag queen, wear green glitter eyelashes. 

  • 2 months ago

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