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Anonymous asked in SportsMartial Arts · 1 month ago

Fun when loosing a fight?

So I met a couple of people who say fighting is fun and they like it.  One of them used to be a bouncer and he says he loves getting into fights with people and loves it when they throw bottles at him.  The reason he became a bouncer is because enjoys getting into fights.

What if you're LOOSING the fight or get severely injured during the fight?  

P.S. I did play tackle football as a CB and enjoyed it.  I also do martial arts and enjoy it (even if I feel pain when sparing, I always enjoy sparring) but we put on protection during football and sparring (unlike a real fight without protection and your goal is to HURT eachother on PURPOSE because you are mad at eachother).

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    You do realize fighting does have purpose.

    FYI you ever hear of self dense or defending yourself? There are plenty times we fight not for fun. And not because we are mad at each other. There is more to it.

    Until you have to actually defend yourself on a serious level. Than you may understand it is not always for fun or to see how is better. Sometimes it becomes him or me. Sometimes you know when you ave to stand down and walk away as well or to give in and give up your wallet.

    Yo have lot to learn and understand.

    BTW i sis play competitive sports, went to military after high school, train in martial sciences and have had actual fights where it becomes issue of defending yourself Oh i love to fight and i enjoy giving and receiving that pain. I actually enjoy seriously hurting the other with joint damaging techniques and hearing the joints blow apart.

    Yes that is sick, and that is the polite side of me. More so than you bouncer friend.

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