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Anonymous asked in Home & GardenMaintenance & Repairs · 2 months ago

Does ghost flushing cause any leaks within the walls? ?

I have a moldy spot in the roof of my basement, I just thought could it be because of my toilet ghost flushing? This spot is in the basement and the bathroom is in the second floor level 

5 Answers

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

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  • 1 month ago

    If there is a leak, it IS NOT caused by whatever your toilet may or may not be doing. Even if the toilet drain is leaking, 'ghost flushing' IS NOT the cause.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    2 days "it clicks" what ghost flushing is.

    Your toilet tank is leaking water down the drain. So it is auto refilling.

    Lets fix that first.  Do you have a FINGER? Yes? Good.

    Take off the toilet tank lid and set on floor so it don't fall down and break.

    You need 2 arms.  It can be done with 1, 2 is faster.

    Now look in the tank.  Yeah it could be black water but it is the same water you cook, drink and wash in everyday.  So perfectly clean.

    Now flush with the one hand and hold down the flush handle.  Look in the tank and you will see a wire or chain that goes to a big flap on the bottom of the tank that covers a big hole about 2 or 3" in diameter.

    . while you are still holding the handle down use your finger on the other hand and go around the hole with the fleshy part of your finger a few times.   It may feel slimy, but remember, you drink it so it must be safe.

    .  As you go around the opening  you are wiping off the slime that is holding the flapper valve open. so water drips past the valve and into the sewer.  By getting rid of the slime, the surface is now flatter.  Now the flush handle you can let go of and it flops over the opening.  The tank fills up like normal and let it do so and stop and then flush it once. Let go of the handle and make sure everything is working as it will fill again.  You finger is probably black.  That is the rubber flapper slowly dissolving.  Do not touch the flapper valve as it is hard like glass and just as fragile.  It is dead flat.    The "rubbery" is gone but it is dead flat.  Which is perfect for a flat ring.   You can put the toilet lid back on.   Now wash your hands in soap and water in the sink and the black is washed off. DONE.  I killed the ghost.  If it is still ghosting on you ask again...saying what you did.  There is more than one leak point.

    As for the moldy spot...the pipes may just be above that spot so cold pipes sweat.  Sweat produces drops of water.  It would have to be a lot of sweating to do the mold thing.  The mold is from your body. Gypsum board does not get moldy because gypsum is a rock.  It would have to be a wood ceiling and a fair amount of water is coming down.  Usually airing out a basement will allow fresh air in and that will dry up the moist spots.  Air movement of some sort, even a cold air fan blowing towards the ceiling set on slow is enough.

  • 2 months ago

    Mold grows where there is constant moisture.  Your bathroom on the 2nd floor is not close enough to cause this.  However, if there are leaking pipes in the ceiling of the basement, then there is your problem, not the toilet. (Unless there is a constant leak in the toilet, which leaks into the wall and then down into the basement ceiling.)  You're going to have to pull out that drywall and find the leak before you know for sure. Let me also point out that if the mold is on the BASEMENT side of teh drywall, the moisture problem is in teh basement, not inside the drywall.  Look for moisture getting in nearest the mold and you may discover you only need a dehumidifier, not a full on repair.  

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  • CB
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    No the flushing itself won't cause a leak - but if there is a leak in the pipe or toilet floor seal the extra flushing would exacerbate the problem - how hard is it to replace a flush seal? $5 and 5 minutes?

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