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Does anyone know that this dream means?

So i dreamt that I was outside my house, and I saw my celebrity crush out there, and then I woke up in the dream. Then I got ready for work, and I walked outside and I saw my celebrity crush out there, cause they were filming something in my neighborhood, and she was crying. She walked into the house they were filming in. Then I told my little brother that it was a sign that I saw her in my dream and she’s actually here, so I said if she comes back out before I leave for work I would go talk to her, and I would also try and give her a flash drive containing a screenplay I wrote that has a character I’m hoping her to play. In real life I have yet to finish it, and I haven’t really been working on it.

So I see her walk out, so I walked over to her and said, “Hey, I just wanted to say that I’m a big fan.” And she was a bit curt with me and simply said “Thanks.” presumably because she had just been crying.

Then I attempted to give her the flash drive, attempting that I wrote a character for her, but she simply told me “No thanks.”

So I told her alright and began to head to work. As me and my brother were trying to leave we had to pass right through the set, and I knew it was for the show The Rookie. Everyone was just sat around, no masks on, so as we passed we all put our shirts over our noses. Then everyone slowly started to put their masks on.

Then I woke up, for real this time.

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