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When should I go to the doctor's about my knee?

In the beginning of my basketball game, I "collided" with a player while she was going for a layup. I immediately felt pain in the front of my knee and subbed out. My coaches said they heard a "popping" noise, but I didn't hear anything. In the beginning, I couldn't walk without limping or go up the stairs without pain. My leg was pretty unstable. The School's PT told me I hyperextended my patella tendon, but it wasn't anything bad like an ACL or PCL. 

It's been three days, and it's still a bit swollen. There isn't any bruising or anything. But there still is a lack up mobility compared to my other leg. If I swing my leg, there's the occasional pop. But the thing is it doesn't hurt that bad. There's the occasional soreness in the front and sides of my knee, but that's it. So, should I go to the doctor, or wait a while?


I meant to also add, I can't fully straighten my leg without it hurting. But let me know!

1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    I’m very sorry to hear that happen to you and the other player. Please, go to the doctor for a checkup or x-ray. You still need to take precautions because of Covid-19.

    Edit: You mentioned your school’s PT tell you hyperextended your patella tendon, nothing too serious, but that could easily backfire.

    I suggest you to take initiative and go to the doctor for a checkup especially on your knee and do an x-ray to see if you fractured anything and hyperextended your tendon.

    It could get worse. For you to recover quicker and better, you should go to the doctor and do not hesitate or wait it out.

    You said it still feels pain and that it looks swollen. Not good signs.

    If you’re still living with your parents, let them know about your injury. Talk to them about it. I know it is scary but at least you’ll get the help you need. Settle it out and do not wait till last minute, go now.

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