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Why is Greek mythology called mythology but people are so willing to believe the Bible?

Couldn't mythology be just as believable?

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    1 month ago
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    The reason Greek Mythology is considered as such and not the Bible is because Greek Mythology is a dead religion. Sure, it COULD be just as believable, but there's no one alive anymore that practices it, including the various rituals that were deemed part of it that time has long since forgotten.

    Few temples from ancient times still stand, but no one preaches the word of Zeus or Athena anymore.

    All types of branches of Catholicism is still practiced to this day, with a great deal of believers. Although these believers grow smaller with each generation, there are still priests and churches that are still active.

    When people completely stop believing in the Bible, only then will it find its place in mythology. But the problem there is that the Bible encompasses beliefs of both Christians and Jews. Heaven forbid we say anything bad about the Jewish religion!

    Christianity and Judaism,  like many mythologies are allegorically written so there are grains of truth there. If you could see past the embellishments and convoluted mysteries there is a history there.

    The Egyptians may not have records of ever holding the Hebrews as Slaves, but why would they? The Jewish religion had yet to exist. But there was an era in history when one of the Pharoah's converted to monotheism, which was highly unpopular at the time. After his death and polytheism was restored there would have been a great expulsion of people mistreated for their beliefs.

    Later on, as grand a spectacle is Solomon's Temple would've been. If one actually works out the measurements, it most certainly wasn't a kingdom.

    And in Christianity, the belief wouldn't have caught on without a catalyst. A revolutionary, preaching to people to be a lot nicer to one another, killed by the Roman authority (who would shift blame to the Jews), that's a story people could get behind.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    As each religion gains dominance, it dictates that only IT is the true religion and all that came before it was false religions or myths.  Because the Christian soldiers won in the battle then their god "must" be true and on their side.  Christians have been fighting the Muslims each fighting for essentially the same God (just that his name is different) essentially that is the only difference. - in both cases men fight against men and if there is a God...he went "fishing" rather than watch a squabble.

  • 2 months ago

    By definition all religious stories are mythology. It's just in the popular mind that Christian stories are not myth.

  • Mark
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    2 months ago

    Definitely.  My daughter came to that conclusion by the time she was 12.  She asked me "What gives the Christian God any more credibility than the Roman or Greek gods?".

    I said to her, "Faith, nothing more".

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