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Anonymous asked in Computers & InternetHardwareLaptops & Notebooks · 1 month ago

Which laptop is better?

Between HP 14" and HP Stream 14? The HP Stream 14 is cheaper but has really low storage space... I'd rather get the HP 14" but what do you think? Also are these lines of HP not that good and should I just get a different line of laptop?

2 Answers

  • 1 month ago

    I would get the normal HP laptop not the stream.

    HP wants customers to buy the low costs stream for a really low price, then at the end of the year when the November update comes, users won't be able to update their computer due to the storage, which would cause all web browsers and programs to stop working due to them not being supported. So that would force users to go out and buy another low cost HP stream to accommodate for the mandatory update. Then the same repeats the year after next.

  • 1 month ago

    There is a simple sort of rule if you like.

    If a modern PC does not have 8GB RAM and a 4 Core cpu, then its not for installing programs onto - no debating that one.

    If it only has 2 cores or less than 8GB RAM then it probably should come as it is and stay that way.

    Why is this?

    A modern Antivirus will turn your system to a snails pace if you dont have more than 4GB of RAM. You do need an AV.

    If your CPU does not have 4 cores it simply cannot perform with the complex web pages out there no matter what the sellers tell you especially if you use CHROME.

    Typically the specs I have quoted usually mean that a pc that does not meet them is not a PC but is a NETBOOK. So you buy it you use it and you dont add anything to it.

    example Hp Stream with an AMD A3020e which is a 2 core 2 threads 1,2ghz 6 watt cpu. Incredibly it does have a good benchmark and it may be a bit unfair to refer to it as a NETBOOK cpu, but it is NOT supported with enough RAM or STORAGE space to be anything other than a NETBOOK when you are buying it in that HP Stream.

    Its NOT a proper PC without the necessary RAM and STORAGE. 

    Thats my personal view and Im sticking to it.

    A really powerful Phone would be a much better choice.

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