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Anonymous asked in Food & DrinkBeer, Wine & Spirits · 2 months ago

Best style alcohol and maintain weight (heavy drinking)?

Ive been drinking heavily (either 7 16oz bottles of wine and/or 5 or so shots of straight vodka) a night for almost 5 years now. I know all alcohol effects you in a weight-style way but whats the go-to alcohol to not gain TOO much weight at this level of drinking? (I do eat but I basically starve prior so I can drink more, currently its mostly wine which I eat maybe 200 calories of food and 1900 calories of alcohol depending on the type) 

P.S just give a straight answer, dont need a paragraph from google that you copy and paste, I want a genuine answer. Also yes, I do know the issue ill face or whatever comes, I just want a serious answer.

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    2 months ago
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    The problem you're facing is the amount of complex sugars that you're consuming, all consumable alcohols are like that, you may want to try diet Whiskey although I can't stand the stuff. You're definitely a "functioning alcoholic" at your current levels (which I have no problem with) the only thing I can say is watch what you're eating I:E don't consume more sugar as food, and try to balance your system with some Vitamins and possibly Ginseng. If there was a Silver bullet for this scenario it would be well known by now.

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