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Disk Space PC?

I have two disks on my pc, one has 110 GB and the other 465 GB. The smaller disk is my local driver and the larger disk is my second disk. I want to know how to have the second disk the default so that all new apps and documents are stored there.

2 Answers

  • 1 month ago

    Whilst the first answer is generally correct, its not the whole answer as the OS lives on the smaller disk and everything about a program is stored there because the small disk is FAST no matter where you actually install it.

    The large disk is SLOW. 

    It is also true that most programs have settings inside them allowing you to alter them to use a different drive for their outputs and data so it depends what applications you actually have. 

    Windows has a complete lack of features to help move applications already installed.

    Your only real option its to migrate the whole of the small disk to a NEW larger capacity drive. 

    The method to use depends on what type of disk it is but first what you do is purge that disk of every file it does not need or move them(eg all contents of my_documents to the 2nd drive if you can) The purge is to reduce the amount of data which will end up in the IMAGE file( or files). You then need to complete a defragmentation of the first drive to help the IMAGE be as small as possible.

     You then need to IMAGE the WHOLE of the first disk which probably contains 2 or three Volumes(Drives) as One complete image. if there is enough room on the 2nd drive then thats where it should be put. 

    You then need to remove the 1st drive, fit a new larger capacity 1st drive, and then re-instate the IMAGE back to the 1st newer drive, where the re-instating of the Volumes will automatically STRETCH the main drive to fill the new drives space. 

    You do all that using IMAGING software such as EASUS which has changed name to EaseUS or Paragon or ACRONIS to name but a few.

    You will at some point have no OS disk prior to restoring the IMAGE to the new drive. Your imaging software will provide you with a method of creating a bootable CD or USB stick to do this, so you may need to prepare that BEFORE you do anything else.

    good luck.

  • 1 month ago

    When you're installing software/games you should be able to choose which drive it will be installed to

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