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Is my sister jealous of me? ?

I feel like she’s always trying to compete like trying to get as many hobbies as me or get better at things. She’s never really had any. Like I draw, sing play instrument and now she wants to play the guitar and write poetry when she’s never been like that. Ever since I decided to work in the entertainment industry, she wants to as well even though she was never that passionate and already wants to give up on it.  If I say I love nature and stuff like that, she acts like she’s a hippie and claims she feels like she can talk to trees?! . I’ve always been “weird” in her eyes. She’s bullied me for it for a long time and now she says she’s so weird/interesting and such an outcast when she’s always been the exact opposite. She also says things like oh our dad obviously thinks you’re prettier than me . And that it’s only cause I have a good body, not my face. Weird things like that. Says my boobs are too big. Also even when we were younger  I was skinny, she was chubby and as I was dancing in front of her (cause I was happy about something )she randomly said that I was such a loser at school and that I needed to talk more out of nowhere . I broke into tears and she didn’t care at all. Idk I feel like she is but I wanna ask just to see what you guys thing .

2 Answers

  • donnie
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Then ask her                  

  • 1 month ago

    Siblings are always competing to be the better son or daughter. It's nice that she thinks you have good hobbies that she might want to copy.

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