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Why won't NVIDIA recognize my second monitor?

I have a laptop with a RTX 2060 Mobile graphics card. I thought that I would start to get into multi-screen gaming, so I bought another monitor. I hooked it up using a HDMI cable and Windows 10 does recognize that I have two monitors hooked up and allows me to "Extend these displays" and that works. I went to the NVIDIA Control panel and it only recognizes that I have the actual monitor (Which is a HP v24i) and does not recognize my laptop screen as a second monitor. I went to play Far Cry Primal, and it recognized that I had two monitors and allowed my to switch between the two, but did not utilize them both at one time. Are laptops (or laptop graphics cards) incapable of multi-screen gaming or am I doing something wrong?


The make and model of the laptop is a GS 65 Stealth 9SE.

2 Answers

  • 1 month ago

    It may be that the video RAM of the RTX 2060 is so low that it cannot run high resolution on the laptop screen and the monitor screen at same time, only one at a time.  Lower one or both screen resolutions in the Nvidia or Windows display settings and see if you get better result.

    Another cause might be the type of port on the laptop for the second display and the resolution you are trying to send.  That port might be limited to a lower resolution.

    These are just wild guesses, since that video chip should be more than capable in that laptop.

    You can use various other methods to get more screens:

    --External GPU module for USB to DVI or HDMI or VGA.  I use Diamond brand ones.

    --A docking station that has USB or similar connection, and an internal GPU module.

    --Another computer, linked by sharing software so that it is a client to your server laptop.

    --a tablet or smartphone on a wireless network link to your laptop.

    --an external PCIe 16X slot and a desktop video card, and a power supply.  These kits can connect to a laptop.  Some use a Thunderbolt 3 port, some plug into the motherboard where the wireless module plugs in.  How you get the cable out of the laptop might be difficult.  I have seen some that use the 34mm ExpressCard slot (rare these days)

  • 1 month ago

    You did not tell us the make/model of the PC.  But many models are designed so that if you attach an external monitor it disables the build in graphic card in BIOS.  You may need to go into the BIOS settings and tell it not to disable the onboard graphic card.  Since we do not know the model we can not give you step by step to do that.

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