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Anonymous asked in Science & MathematicsBiology · 2 months ago

science help about systems?

1.Why is systems thinking important?

A. Systems thinking ranks the parts of a system in terms of most important to least.

B. Systems thinking examines how a system affects human life.

C. Systems thinking allows us to understand all the parts that make up the whole system.

D. Systems thinking ignores the details of a system and just looks at its overall function.

2.Why is the nervous system in the human body a system?

A. It is made of tissues that can conduct electricity, a required function in a system.

B. The nervous system acts together with other systems to control a larger organism.

C. Like all systems, the nervous system is contained within a living organism.

It is made of several components that act interdependently to perform a function as a D. whole.

3.The parts that are either directly or indirectly related to each other in a system are known as what?

A. the input

B. the boundary

C. the flow

D. the components

4.Rebecca’s family uses their house’s heating system to stay warm in the winter. How do they know when their system is at equilibrium?

A. The house temperature is higher than the set temperature and the cooling is on.

B. The house temperature is changing and the system is rapidly changing from on to off then back again.

C. The house temperature balances the set temperature and the system shuts off.

D. The house temperature is lower than the set temperature and heat is on.

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    Just did the test so these r 100% the right answers 

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