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Timber edge for garden area - how deep should supporting pointed timber pegs be? ?

Hi everyone. 

I am planning to make a timber edge for a gravel area. I am going to make it with treated soft wood as shown in the picture.

I will be using pointed pegs to support the timber edge. They’ll be approx 30x30mm. 

My question is how deep should they go in the ground? I tried to knock in a 300mm long peg but I struggled to get it all in. 

What would be the approx correct depth for the peg to be in the ground? 

Attachment image

2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    That is kind of a strange design and I think you'll find it will fail.    The soft wood is going to shift and rot including the pegs.  And it's going to be a possible tripping hazard, be a pain in the butt when you mow and will get chewed up by the weed wacker when you edge.   You're also going to end up with your gravel full of grass.

    Honestly?   I'd rethink the whole design.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    You would be much better off driving a piece of rebar through a drilled hole in the timber.  Your wood peg is going to rot off in a couple of years and the timbers will be loose and crooked.  Regardless of what you drive, flood the ground and get it soft enough to work.  You want to tie down each end of the timber since they tend to warp.  That is why nailing them to the ground with a rebar is a better idea.  12" into the ground.

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