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What do you think is the solution to Attack on Titan, do you think Eldians deserve to be exterminated ?

SPOILERS I just finished watching a dubbed Episode 8 of season four in which I heard a soldier cheering on that "We are rebuilding the Eldian empire"

And it got me thinking about some of the Spoilers I've read ...basically the main character Eren becomes increasingly destructive.

And it got me thinking...the only true solution to the problems in the world of Attack on Titan is to completely exterminate the Eldian people, or find a way to completely neutralize the ability to transform.

According to the anime's lore, every single time the Eldians begin to grow in population, they abuse their Titan Powers to unleash destruction on the World, all the way dating back to the first Titan Ymir. And even when their numbers are reduced, all it takes is one Eren Yeager to bring the entire world to its knees.

The rest of the world has every reason to fear the Eldians...they have never used their powers in a peaceful manner.


You cannot compare Eldians to Jews. I have seen the comparison before but there is one sharp difference. JEWS DO NOT HAVE POWERS. Jews are ordinary humans with the same physical limitations.

Eldians, however are a super powerful destructive race, much stronger  than humans.

2 Answers

  • 1 month ago

    If they fear them, why do they use them? Have you forgotten about the armbands? The children who hate their own race because that is what they are taught? 

  • Well, the Nazi wants the Jew Titans as weapons so they don't exterminate them completely incase Jew Titans want to fight for the Nazi. If they really wanted the Jew Titans gone, the Nazi would had developed weapons to get rid of them but they don't. So therefore, they are waiting for when the Jew Titans wants to fight for them. The year also looks to be before 1939, World War 2. Technology wasn't as advance as today's time. If it was more towards future time, the Nazi would had giant robots to combat the Jew Titans. The Nazi probably wouldn't fear the Jew Titans anymore because the Gundams could be modified to be more powerful than the Jew Titans. The Jew Titans doesn't look to be able to be upgraded any farther than it already is. The god who created the Jew Titans stop developing them so they can't get any stronger. That's pretty much it for them.

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