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Was this a sign from universe to me or am I just being superstitious??

My mom and I always had a “difficult” relationship. I finally cut her off and had no contact for the past 6 months and on Wednesday night, we got into a verbal argument. She apologized for everything that she’s done to me that was “wrong”.I told her she is dead to me. I told her if she dies I would be “free”. I slapped her. she cried. I cried and I left. Next morning as she was riding her bike “somehow “ she hit the ground and had a serious brain trauma and hospitalized in ICU. The doctor said the injury was serious enough that 1 in 3 of patients with this condition would die. My dad started to cry there and that was the moment that this whole thing felt too real.As I was just sitting there behind the door of ICU...after months maybe years, I felt like...I actually do not want her to die. not anytime soon. I prayed for hours and remorsed for the things I told her, for all the times I ignored her and treated her harshly.She used to love the lattes I made her and after I cut her off I stopped making her lattes and would only make one for my dad.All these small things....they were killing me.There, I promised that if she returns I will treat her better and I asked for another chance to heal this broken relationship. Right after I made this promise her doctor comes out and says she’s “magically” saved. This is exactly what he said. He said her condition is a bit strange as in how quickly it is improved.

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As I am writing this She is now home and getting better and after days of being under constant pressure and going back and forth to hospital, I got a chance to think about what just happened and I wanted to know... was this really a sign from the universe for me?? or am I just venting and crazy?Do signs really exist? isn’t it too narcissistic to think that a person would go through such a trauma only for us to receive a “sign”??

2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Clearly my belief system and yours don't align, but I'm glad your mother is recovering and that you've opened your eyes about what she means to you as well as your own part in the tension between the two of you.

    May this be the start of a new kind of relationship, whether it's an answer to your prayers and promise or simply good medical outcome.

  • ?
    Lv 4
    1 month ago

    I think you should pray to God about this stuff

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