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My mom has forced me to be on anxiety meds my whole life. Is this a good thing?!?

I’m 20 now (and still looking for work and lowkwy depressed over not knowing what to do with my life. I’m considering beauty school atm)

Anyway I suffer from a rare type of social phobia. It was very severe when I was younger.  I went to see psychiatrist when I was little, and my mother and doctor made me take me take meds. I’m still pretty scared of talking to new people. 

I finally got off them when I was 18, then suffered terrible relapse.  I was zombie-like and stopped talking, or able to think.  It still scars me to this day.  

And now i am forced to take medication forever. Why can’t my Mother be one of those Mother’s that don’t believe in taking medication?!? She comes into my room everyday making sure I’ve taken them or forces it down my throat 


I wish I could live a life WITHOUT MEDS

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  • 2 months ago
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    We are not doctors, and so we can only guess.  Some people do take meds their whole life...but if the med isn't working then you need to regroup with your doctor to adjust the meds.  You are older now so you can get a different doctor and sort out other ways to treat your condition.  Most people don't like antidepressants but they don't like how they feel when they don't take them either.  If you have a social issue then working in the service industry might be toxic to you.  Maybe accounting, photography, science would be a better fit.  There are lots of areas of forensic sciences and genealogy type jobs these days.  Good luck to you

  • Gorgia
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    2 months ago

    You are 20 years old so you are a adult now so there is that. You need to talk maybe to someone else and tell them what is going on

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