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What are common reasons for someone to be disabled in a way that they need a wheelchair?

Im thinking of making a character and I want them to be in a wheelchair, but Im unsure of common reasons to be in one. So are there any common reasons to be in a wheelchair that I can do more research on?

3 Answers

  • You better be willing to do a lot of research. Because this question indicates you'd do a terrible job of it. Nothing is worse in a storyline than a character that is poorly researched. Your question indicates zero understanding and you wouldn't even know what further questions to ask.

    There are 1000s of reasons, hundreds that are common. There are short-term, long-term users. People who need full-on power chairs and others that can use simpler ones. There are some who can transfer out of their chairs and others who cannot. There are some who use them when they are out and about, but at home cling to furniture or manage with a walker. Some use multiple chairs in different environments. Like chairs for basketball or hiking through woods. I have 3 with different purposes, but mostly use one of them. Also some need lifts in your car others need ramps. Some use paratransit, some can drive. Some can manage a small step, others none.  Some need to be tied in and fully supported, others can use a chair out of the box.

    There are hundreds of things you must know for a realistic picture. 

  • 1 month ago

    I used a wheelchair when I was recovering from a stroke.  That is one of about a zillion reasons for needing one.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    if you can't even think of the most common, this isn't the topic for you.  the most stereotypical is probably a 'broken back' with spinal cord injury, but there are hundreds of causes.

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