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Anonymous asked in Computers & InternetInternetOther - Internet · 2 months ago

how do I access the deep web? How do I know when I get into the deep web? ?

I use the internet and heard that the web we can access is just like the tip of the iceberg and that like 99.99% of the entire internet is something called the Deep Web and that it is protected by firewalls and encryption.

I heard that we only use like .01% of the internet and that there is a “deep web” beyond the picture perfect models and stuff on Instagram and regular sites. The beautiful .01% supppsedly gives way to deeper realms of the web. 

How does one access the 99.99% of the internet that consists of drug sales, pornography, hacker spaces, bot nets, hacking guides, radical discussion boards, ufo files, leaked info, whistleblowers, weapons dealers etc.?

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