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Who do I call? House electrical/HVAC problems?

Past few months our energy bill has been astronomically high like these past 4 months on average its been 400-500 our house is 3k sqft roughly 2 stories when people near me are paying 100-300 at most. I've spent nearly 2k on AC repairs over the past 2 years so I really just want to get this solved. We run a 2 AC system one for upstairs one for down. we originally thought it was cause my parents kept the thermostat on 72-74 but fan on always but this was not the issue as its been 72-74 auto for nearly 2 months now and our bills have been higher than ever. I did even more research and called our energy company to have them check our meter which I was unable to do since it was under my parents name and they thought it could be because we had 5 refrigerators (1 regular,2 drop in freezer, 1 stand up freezer and a wine fridge) but all of them are energy star efficient so I don't think that's the issue and we've had them for years and our energy issues have only recently started. Our energy report always said the bulk of our bill is coming from heating. Thats the HVAC side of our problems. On the electrical side of our issues I've noticed the lights in at least 2 of our rooms flicker sometimes and our upstairs A/C will have its energy switch tripped sometimes from what I assume is overload. This has been a HUGE headache to deal with and I really really need some help with this and I don't know what where to begin. should I call an electrician or a HVAC repair service again.

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  • 2 months ago
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    You need a thorough Energy Audit.  One that includes an air infiltration (Blower Door) test plus visual inspections of attics/crawls/basements for proper insulation.  A good energy audit will also include basic inspections of your utilities as well. 

  • 2 months ago

    crikies ... if ye'd tell us fer sure where you are, it'd help a bit.  Don't know if yer a Yank struggling with abnormally cold weather [which causes much electrical draw as the heat strips inside your a/c units struggle to keep the house warm], or an Aussie whose HVAC isn't handling the summer too well.  My guess is yer a Yank -- sqft is how they measure floor space.  Unusually cold weather leads to high heating need and energy bills.  The long term solution for this is to increase the insulation in yer loft [attic] to at least 25cm [10 inches].  Now, the upper story's A/C tripping the breakers is a problem and needs checking out -- but does it do this in the winter or the summer and is it a straight a/c system or a hybrid heat pump system?  Me guess is the system's ordinary service needs have been handled but I've no experience with what happens when snow partly blocks the outside unit of a hybrid [heat pump] system.  Might be you need to shovel that out should snow drift high about it.  -- granddad

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