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Are white people physically weaker than people living in Northern parts of India?

In Northern parts of India, most of the people look jacked and muscular inspite of being vegetarian. Almost all Indian wrestlers belong to North India and the best soldiers in the world are from North India. I haven't seen enough white people in wrestling. Wrestling is dominated by Northern Indians, Iranians and Central Asians. 


Indians dominate wrestling and boxing.

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago
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    Who are you the Hitler of India?   You look like someone who boast about your country.  

    Well I used to play basketball a lot in USA.   I rarely seen any indian around or anybody who can dunk.  

    And I watched Smack down a lot when the Rock was the superstart.   And then I never seen any Indian wrestled in the tournament.  

    I met a lot of Indians from India at convenience store.   Sometimes they work in Computer stores!   but I didnt see any indians in the Professional Sports in the US. 

  • 2 months ago

    Then why don’t we see more Indians in the olympics ? It’s blacks and whites who win gold medals. Not Indians.

    False. There isn’t a single Indian at world boxing federation. 

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