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Is porn bad?

It’s illegal to post underage porn on porn websites in America. However, this doesn’t stop people from doing it. When you visit a porn site and watch a porno, how do you know they’re not underage? I’ve met 13 year olds that look like 30 year olds. Sometimes it’s just impossible to tell if an adult is underage or not. If you realize this and watch porn anyway, does that mean you’re doing something immoral? 

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago
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    The term "bad" is moralistic and subjective. Scientific studies in the science of human behavior have found through numerous studies that viewing pornography is a normal and healthy human behavior, yet like anything, it can be done to unhealthy levels. Your details are a non sequitur as you ask about "porn," not "child porn." 

    What's more, your assertions are illogical and fantastical. For child pornographers, making a child convincingly appear to be an adult defeats the purpose. Consumers of child pornography are interested in looking at pornographic images of whom they perceive to be children. Child pornographers do not profit from making children actually look like adults and so do not do it because it has all of the criminal risk and none of the financial reward. To the contrary, pornographers that wish to target child porn consumers without risking the criminal repercussions will use models or actors who have just recently reached the age of adulthood, leaning towards any who are "late bloomers" (i.e., any who have the appearance of looking younger than their actual recently acquired adult age).  

  • 2 months ago

    Porn is perversion - run away from it and FAST

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