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Anonymous asked in Arts & HumanitiesPhilosophy · 1 month ago

Can a Nihilist or an Absurdist live a happy life working a good career and enjoying their money full aware of the fundamental falsity it all?

represents? Nihilism and Absurdism have nothing to do with a rejection of the God fairytale (Atheism, because I just personally assert that an absurd illogical God doesn't exist what's called hard Atheism and even if something with a recollection of human existence does exist it also has the option of just turning my consciousness/soul into eternal darkness if it really loved me and wanted me to have free will instead of torturing me but that still doesn't absolve it of why that "thing would exist in the first place and necessarily be uncaused ) but more as a rejection of all moral falsehoods and any meaning of any sort that this world could offer because it's all meaningless and unfair when you have to regular $12 per hr job to help your family survive because your father broke his foot in a workplace accident and know you only have his lump sump settlement to live off of for a little bit and my mom is just a regular cashier at a thrift store making $9.75/hr. Biggest fear of mine if I don't go back to college or go to some vocational training then I will lose all  of my fancy luxuries and collectibles that I have in my life because I will have to spend them and end up homeless but the worst part of it all that I fear is wanting to die in my worst moments and not having a gun to shoot myself off into eternal doom. By the way I'm also a male Antinatalism and so I don't want to marry another women unless she is liberal atheist antinatalist who is totally okay with abortion.  

2 Answers

  • ?
    Lv 6
    1 month ago

    That's quite simply your own personal view only shared by few.

    What PROOF do you have?  None, so just your fantasy.

    Others believe differently.

    Some have evidence.

    You can't do any of that the way you are.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Possible? Yes. Likely? No, especially in your case. 

    Please learn to phrase. punctuate, employ word tense agreement  and use reasonably acceptable grammar. What you've written is an awful mishmash of thought that is poorly articulated and difficult to read. Fail. Try again. 

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