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spiderman vs hulk?

let's say spiderman swing kick vs hulk jaw? hulk is unaware and vibing and suddenly, spiderman was swinging at high altitude. He lands kick hulk's jaw with high precision. The force of the kick is so high that even steel bar can bends. would spiderman breaks hulk's jaw or would hulk breaks spiderman's legs? 

3 Answers

  • Hulk would get knocked back a little and gets angry. That's about it. No bone breaking for both.

  • 2 months ago

    In comics usually they don't actually show or even mention bones breaking. It certainly has happened and does occasionally, but super powered beings are fighting every single month and usually they don't break any bones. As for your question of what would happen if Spider-Man swung full force into hulk's face? Well, it probably has happened and I bet the result would be, hulk would be thrown back and get angry, Spider-Man would be totally fine and continue fighting. But yeah logically it certainly should hurt his legs and maybe break them. 

  • 2 months ago

    Hulk is far stronger, and routinely fights people who can hit far harder than Spider-Man.  Comics wise, I doubt anyone would portray it as breaking Spidey's legs.  Comics writers don't tend to understand Newton's law about 'equal and opposite reaction'.  

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