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Anonymous asked in Pregnancy & ParentingPregnancy · 2 months ago

Is it possible?

Ive been thinking now and researching about "does penetration have to occur to get pregnant"  because of  many questions people have about getting pregnant without having intercourse and most of the answers are no. However it begs the question "if there is semen on the outside of the vagina does there have to be a considerate amount or does there just have to be a drop to cause pregnancy?". what about if there the person hasn't had their period yet or if the semen has been rinsed with water is it still viable?

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  • 2 months ago
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    Sperm cells can live inside the vagina for up to 5 days. Outside the body, drying kills them, but pubic hair is moist, and conceivably could live long enough to swim inside. It's definitely possible to get pregnant using the withdrawal method - for one thing, precum has sperm cells in it.

  • 2 weeks ago

    Look, over the last 48 years I have had sex with women with NO CONDOM. Well, maybe once or twice.. remember the last time i used one I came.. pulled out and found out it was in shreds. But, for the most part I always came in the girl, woman. It was normal to stick it in when it was time let it go you did it while buried up to the hilt (so to speak).I've been with dozens of women, i mean DOZENS. I've only gotten 2 women pregnant, sex was the same both of those times.. one was on purpose.. the other not. When you consider the fact how many times Ive actually had sex and pushed to have it DEEP.. its a wonder i dont have 20+ kids. I've screwed girls 15 to 55. And all I read on these stupid forums is people worry about pre-***! Really? Precum? I also cannot count the times that some women asked me NOT to come in them.. so, when I was ready to go.. I pulled out and came ON them (*****)... drenched it.. then stuck it right back in afterward. Not smart, I know.. but the women were only concerned that I wasn't ejaculating deep inside them. But, I can only think of ONE girl I screwed over all those years that I didn't come inside her at some time or another. I was the 15 year old (I was 17), I almost came in her but was too scared.. pulled it out and made a mess. But, I did go back in for a few minutes more.

    I've had women suck me off then have me stick it in them to finish them off.. even with sperm/ejaculate inside my penis that hadn't come out yet. I guarantee after 30 minutes of heavy screwing thousands of sperm had to be worked out and into the vagina.

    SO....STOP WORRY ABOUT PRE-***! But, understand.. there is always a risk, albeit extremely low that a girl could get pregnant if a little swimmer gets up in there. The only way to NOT get pregnant is to keep a dick away from the *****.. simple as that.

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