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how should i just walk into my old job and quit? ?

I got hired somewhere else full time for better hours and more money. my old job was jerking me around by forcing me to do restaurant type work on the weekends for 12 hours straight with no breaks, even though i applied for an office job there. 

How do i quit, but quit gracefully? Im still owed tips from there. 


Its actually over $200 

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    1 month ago
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  • You took the job, if you're agreeing to do the work you're not being forced into it. Some times you don't always get the job you apply for, maybe they thought you would be a better fit else where.

    Talk to your boss. Give them a few days notice that you want to quit. 

    If you want your tips, you would also have to talk to your boss about that. Maybe they can be added to your last pay check, or you can pick them up. 

  • ?
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    1 month ago

    Give the standard 2 weeks notice. It's likely that they will let you go immediately.  If they ask you why you're leaving, simply state that you found a job with better hours and pay.

  • 1 month ago

    Are the tips you are owed worth it?  If it is like $50.00 or less, I'd think you would take great pleasure in going in there and saying "I quit right now and you can keep your lousy $50.00 in tips.'

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