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Recruiters called me after interview, will i get an offer soon?

So i interviewed for 2 roles for the company. Role A was another location, had more formal vibe. I thought the interview went well.

Role B is for same city. Was more casual vibe, it was only 1 person and he seemed to really want to consider me cause he recommended me to apply to a specific job ID which i have already applied for which is nice.

A recruiter contacted me yesterday for Role B saying the manager that spoke to me really wants me but want to confirm with me what my preferences are and the recruiter recognizes me because i have interviewed with the same company before and said "we would like this to be a fast process for you" so the recruiter contacted recruiter for Role A to relay information. The recruiter for role B also saw the notes from the interview for Role A and told me they most likely gonna give me an offer

Later that day, role A recruiter called me and discussed the post interview and my preference location and mentioned that "seems like an offer will be soon by both teams but we can only go with 1" and i said i prefer to stay here where im located. And she said okay great she will speak to the team.

Why would recruiters call me after interview and discuss these? What does these entail?


1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Why do you start your first sentence with "So"?   

    "I interviewed for two roles."    There.   Fixed it for you.

    For the love of Bob, no one here has a crystal ball. 

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