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is it OK to be transgender?

my boy  best friend wants to be a girl. He is UN sure if to do it r not all of his family support what-he is doing and so do i but he is super nervouse

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    1 month ago
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    Jordan, tell him it's okay for everyone to be who you really are, but only if you're going to be okay when you do it.

    Many trans people don't come out as trans until they're adults, not because they were deciding or realized so late but because they need to be self-supporting, both financially and emotionally. They know the majority of families cut trans members off, throw them out, stop paying tuition, etc.

    Your friend needs to have a safe place to go where he can stay as long as he needs to in the event his family wants nothing to do with him. He needs to move his personal valuables--papers, keepsakes, photographs, devices, money, jewelry, etc.--out of the house before he tells family, or they could be lost to him.

    If possible, he can have most of his things at a friend's house, just in case, or at least have a couple of suitcases packed and waiting. (Although some families will not allow him to take anything. I know, awful!)

    If he's 18 or older, he needs to have his own bank account no one else can access.

    If he's on a family plan phone, he's likely to be disconnected. It's easier to take if he knows that before it happens.

    And, sad to say, he needs to be heads-up about being out in public alone. There are a lot of young men who think it's a fine idea to beat up trans women.

  • 1 month ago


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