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Anonymous asked in Education & ReferenceOther - Education · 1 month ago

Is the bookkeeping level 1 and 2 is really hard? I am planning to study administrative assistant but I have no idea how hard it  is. ?

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    1 month ago

    Well, bookkeeping / accounting has its own terminology, which is mainly couched in terms of debits and credits. Those are the basis of double-entry accounting. Some students 'get' the concepts of debits and credits fairly easily and can hence proceed with learning how to record transactions using them. However, some students just can't seem to grasp debits and credits ~ and without that, learning the subject is essentially impossible. 

    In my experience, people who like puzzles and/or do well with abstract thinking are the ones who will more easily grasp debits and credits. Once you grasp those, accounting becomes just a matter of correctly categorizing and recording things according to a set of rules.

    For some people, such as myself, bookkeeping / accounting is relatively easy to learn. I will say that it is not the most exciting subject ~ after all, you're just recording transaction after transaction. The challenge is paying attention to detail and properly recording things into the correct accounts. Some will find such work to be extremely boring and their mind will wander ... and they will miss important parts of lectures and struggle with learning the subject.

    Overall, it can be easy or hard ... it depends on the student. 

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