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Anonymous asked in SportsFootball (American) · 2 months ago

What are your opinions on the QBs in the draft ?

Trevor Lawrence- I really think he's overhyped. He's tall and lanky and guys like that typically don't do all that well in the NFL. I'm interested in his combine numbers though. 

Zach Wilson- In my opinion the best QB in the draft. 

Justin Fields- Every couple of years someone drafts an Ohio st QB high and they do jack in the NFL. I don't know why this is different. 

Trey Lance- An interesting prospect but I haven't seen him play.  


@Rick- Not really. Brady is only 6'4 and Manning 6'5. How many QBs taller than 6'5 can you name that have had success? Not many. Herbert had a good year but I told you before the draft I thought he might be the exception because of his athleticism. 

6 Answers

  • 2 months ago

    LOL! No team cares about QB's combine numbers. 

  • ?
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    Tall and lanky

    Reminds me of Tom Brady and Peyton Manning who both turned out above average

  • james
    Lv 4
    2 months ago

    Great talent at the top where we have 4 maybe 5 QB's who will be starting by early 2022 season Lawrence  - Fields - Jones - Lance - Wilson who is # 5 mostly because he is so slight he will not endure the pounding he will get in the NFL odds are he will often be injured .

    The depth looks very deep also as a good 12 or so QB's will make NFL  rosters .

  • 2 months ago

    There won't be a combine this year, but Pro Days are being held. Lawrence looked good at his, but they don't mean a lot. A lot id going to depend on where the various QBs end up. Lawrence should be fine and the Wilson looks like he should succeed.

  • 2 months ago

    Trevor Lawrence may well be overhyped...but he is damn good.  I couldn't care less about what a QB does at the combine (didn't they cancel the combine already?) or in pro days.  You can't learn anything about a QB that way.  The interview is the best part of the combine for QBs, and it's non-public.  

    Zach Wilson played against a lower tier of competition, is rumored to not be a hard worker and is something of an entitled azzhole.  I'm not saying I wouldn't draft him or draft him high, but the idea that he's even in Lawrence's zip code AS A PROSPECT is insane.

    Justin Fields I kind of agree, going to OSU really hurts.  OSU has an EXTREMELY QB friendly system that creates easy throws and reads.  I read that some insanely high percentage of Fields' throws went to his first read.  Partly because at OSU, he's always open, but there's worry that Fields doesn't know how to read out a defense.

    Trey Lance is from a very low competition level and is not a consistent passer.  I want no part of him before round 3.  Mind you, I'm not saying he WON'T go in the 1st, just that he doesn't DESERVE to.

    Mac Jones is a high floor smart player who benefitted from being surrounded by mega talent.  He never really had to be more than the team's point guard.  And that's nice.  That's worth drafting ... but not in the first round.  Jones won't likely be a difference maker in the pros. Again, he WILL be drafted high...but shouldn't be.

    Kyle Trask is very immobile, and not accurate enough for me to see him making it as a pure pocket guy.  And he had a TE and WR who are both going in the first round who kind of carried him.

  • Cu Tie
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    With the exception of Trey Lance, I disagree with your assessments of this year's quarterback class. Trevor Lawrence and Justin Fields are the best quarterbacks in this year's draft. They were ranked #1 and #2 of their class ever since high school. I believe Zach Wilson is overhyped. I mean, we barely knew who he was last year. (Remember Mitch Trubisky and DeShaun Watson... only here Zach Wilson is Trubisky and Fields is Watson.)

    As for Trey Lance, he has the biggest boom/bust potential. He basically played one year of college football at North Dakota State. It's going to depend where he goes. If he goes to an established team like the New England Patriots, he will turn out to be an all-time great. If he goes to a team with very little support, like the Chicago Bears, he will become a bust. (If Zach Wilson is Trubisky and Fields is Watson, Trey Lance might turn out to be the Patrick Mahomes of this draft.)

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