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Anonymous asked in Consumer ElectronicsLand Phones · 1 month ago

I texted a direct dial number, will my text be received. Im a little worried. ?


I texted to a direct dial number, Idk if the other end of the call received my message, How would i know if they received it or not.

Update 2:

I accidentally texted to a direct dial number of a program, and i wanted to know will did they receive it?

It is their contact number but their from a program? I'm worried they saw the message, I can lose everything if they did?

Update 3:

I meant to email them but instead texted like the idiot i am

i get annoyed with myself 

i always don't think and rush and it is all my fault 

i wish i can undo that action

do i have any hope

after i sent it 

their was no indication that it was not received 

it looked like it worked

but what if i didint

it didn't say message not received but idk

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