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semick_15 asked in HealthDental · 2 months ago

Tooth pain next to tooth that had a filling. ?

A little over a week ago I had a couple of fillings done on my right side top molars. My last molar on the top on that side has been hurting when I chew pretty much anything that comes in contact with that tooth. That tooth didn't have any fillings done to it. (As far I know anyway). If I'm not chewing with that tooth I have no pain at all. It seems like the pain is more when I touch the back part of the tooth that faces towards the back of my mouth, which would be the farthest point away from the tooth next to it with a filling.

Is this normal? It hasn't really seemed to get much better since I had the fillings done, many a very tiny bit better. I seem to have a little less sensitivity to cold foods and drinks on that side though. 

I did call my dentist and I have a reexamination but its several days away still. 


And my wisdom teeth have been removed years ago too. 

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