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Anonymous asked in HealthWomen's Health · 1 month ago

implantation or period?

my "period" lasted 4 whole days but it was on the light side. I'm on birth control. coloring was all dark brown with some bright red mixed in. I had once or two clotting instances. never had to use a tampon, just one pad. and I had some get in more than one pair of underwear. I also had this 4-5 days after I would have ovulated bc I'm on birth control and missed 2 last active pills before my placebo week. I got this "period" on the typical id start my cycle. I just felt worried bc it was light. idk if its even possible to have implantation that early either. thoughts?

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    Implantation bleeding normally occurs 6-12 days after conception. It is typically very light spotting that is brownish/pinkish in colour and never bright red. It also never contains any blood clots. The bleeding can last anywhere between a few hours or up to two days. What you described sounds like it was just a light period. Since you’re on birth control, sometimes your flow will be much lighter than most months. It’s completely normal

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