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Anonymous asked in HealthDiseases & ConditionsSkin Conditions · 1 month ago

Painful bump on the underside of my pinky toe?

Last summer I started a new job where I had to stand on my feet all day and I’d come home and my feet would hurt and be bleeding sometimes. A couple months later I noticed a small bump forming on the underside of my pinky toe where the toe meets the foot. I thought it would go away so I didn’t think much of it, but now 6 months later and the bump has gotten much bigger and a lot more painful. The bump is very hard and only hurts when pressed on. When I press on it it sends a stabbing pain throughout the whole toe. I have done a lot of research and have had no luck finding out what it is and I would really like to know so I could get rid of it because it’s starting to become too painful to handle. 

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    The logical thing to do is go to an urgent care clinic and have a doctor look at the bump.  It could be caused by several different things.  Your description doesn't contain enough details to make an educated guess. 

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